A small business website allows you to provide information about your company, products or services. It allows your business to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It gives you global exposure and immediate feedback from your customers.

Today, not having a website puts you out of touch with your customers. As more Long Island businesses venture online, those who do not, are increasingly at a great disadvantage. 

Our service is close and personal- it is the only way to guarantee a custom solution tailored to your specific needs. We work WITH you- every step of the way! View our client portfolio!

  1. Initial Consultation - Here we survey your needs, discuss costs, and determine the objective of your website.
  2. Review Information and Design Layout - At this stage we gather all material related to your company. Then, for initial review, develop a layout that includes the site's home page, a content page, and site navigation.
  3. Site Development - During this stage, you can view your site in-progress. This ensures your satisfaction and input. After your review, any final edits will be made.
  4. Final Approval and Delivery - Upon completion and approval, the site will be moved (or setup) to your domain name. Any e-mail addresses will be established and, if you choose to host your site with us web site statistics will be turned on. At this time, the balance of the payment is due. 

Today, just about every other business has a website- yet many of these are lackluster and ineffective. Why? It's because many of these sites are not only visually unappealing but they outdated, boring, inactive and static.

The first thing we do when a business is looking for a redesign, is conduct a complete site audit. Sometimes you may not need an entirely new site, just an update here and there. Many times, by adding some new visuals - clean, crisp graphics - or updating your sites content and/or layout, you can really improve your online presence.

Whether you're looking for a simple edit or a complete redesign, regardless of your needs, we can help! Click here to request a free website redesign estimate today. 

YES! We have experience in a number of different types of e-commerce solutions. We have a proven success record when it comes to the following: Yahoo!, Amazon, e-BAY stores and Miva merchants. We also design and develop our own e-commerce solution. 

Our web design and consulting services are competitively priced. Since every project is different, we do not believe in standard design packages. The final price of a site depends on a number of different factors. How many pages will your site be, do you need custom graphic work, are you selling products or simply providing information, how interactive would you like your site to be...etc. Lastly, will you need web hosting and/or domain name registration? If you have a rough idea of what you want in a site you can request a free quote or speak to a representative at 516.541.3616. 

The actual time we spend working on the site and the time consulting with the client on the specifications. 

While Long Island businesses are our core clientele, we can create websites for out-of-state clients as well. Today's technology allows us to communicate with people anywhere and at anytime through email, fax and phone. 

The turn-around time for any site design/redesign is dependant upon the size of the site, the amount of content, how the content is to be presented (to us and on the web) as well the complexity of the site. We work with you every step of the way. You will have the opportunity to "check-in" on your site as its being developed. 

Most web design projects begin upon the receipt of a signed contract and retainer fee. Initial discussions, site drafts, images and content reviews begin shortly thereafter.

Many times, it's best to gather your content and thoughts ahead of time. Your assigned designer will ask you a number questions to ensure that your vision is evident your site's design. What do you want to accomplish online? How will customers use your website? What type or style of site do you like?

If you have all your content and materials ready now, we'll work out our schedule to get started sooner. Additionally, if you want a site but are not quite yet ready, let us know! We would gladly schedule your project for a future date. 

Yes. Learn about our hosting packages or find a domain name.


The most effective and popular sites today are those that are updated regularly. Fresh content, streamlined style and crisp, bold imagery will keep your visitors coming back for more. Having a site maintenance contract will ensure that your site never gets old.

This depends on the type of site you want. As a business, you should put up as much information as possible. From contact information, to the products you sell or services you offer. Visitors to your site should never leave with questions relating to your services, products or your accountability. Put your best foot forward.

If you choose to work with us, even though it is your responsibility to provide us with the content you want to see on your site, we can help in narrowing down the amount of information. Content should be in electronic format such as Microsoft Word. Yet, in many cases we may be able to work with what you have. Please keep in mind that it may be more time consuming.  

If you have more questions or would like to speak to someone please feel free to call or you can make an appointment to come by Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 to 5 EST. If you would like a free quote simply fill out the request form and start the process!! 

If you are interested in online marketing or search engine optimization we can help guide you through this. This too, like our design process, is done on an hourly basis. It usually takes a couple of hours to compile some data. For instance, we will need to review your website first, to see if it is "search engine friendly". If it's not, we will make recommendations that will improve your sites ranking.

In addition to search engine optimization, we offer a Pay-Per-Click campaign as well. Here our consultants will work with you to determine a list of keywords that will be incorporated into an online ad. This ad we be placed on the results page of a number different of search engines.

A pay-per-click campaign for your site can be set up for your site with wonderful results. Here, the actual cost for clicks would be billed directly to your credit card by Google or Yahoo!. We would simply maintain and monitor this for you on an hourly basis. 

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Why your business needs a website?
A website allows you to provide information about your company, products or services. It allows your business to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It gives you global exposure and immediate feedback from your customers. Today, not having a website puts you out of touch with your customers.  As more businesses venture online, those who do not, are increasingly at a great disadvantage. Here are some reasons why a company website is essential.

  • Equal Exposure: A Website provides equal exposure for all- whether its personal, a small business or a corporate organization.
  • Improved Customer Service: Customer service is the key to success. A company website is a great place to publish your contact information, customer surveys, FAQ and more. Most importantly it allows for immediate feedback.
  • Economical Advertising: When compared to the costs of advertising such as direct mail, magazine ads, radio and television, the cost of a web site is nominal.
  • Availability: Time of day and company location is now irrelevant. With a website your information is available to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.
  • Multimedia: Provide your customers with an interactive experience. Show off your products, services, press conferences and more by adding multimedia elements to you site.