IBackup Professional: Features Continued
IBackup Professional is not just a backup and storage device. It's your complete Data Management Solution.
  • Incremental Backup
    Backs up only the changes done to a file instead of taking backup of the entire file. This means that only the first backup of the user’s file is a full backup and subsequent backups consume only a fraction of the time of the initial backup. Backups are also compressed before being sent to the server. This technique saves the user’s valuable time, bandwidth and makes their backups reliable, fast and efficient.
  • Application Data Files Selection
    When a system crashes, users end up losing critical data. IBackup Professional automatically selects the list of most commonly used application data files and does backup. Once the selection is made, it is remembered for every subsequent backup. This brings the concept of 'hands-free automated backup' to the fore (.doc, .xls, etc).

  • Bandwidth Throttle
    Users can access other Internet-based applications without interruption by adjusting the Internet bandwidth utilized by the IBackup Professional application. This is great if you have scheduled backups during busy working hours.
  • Automatic Idle Mode Backup
    If IBackup Professional senses any activity by the user during the scheduled backup, it suspends the backup process temporarily. It is resumed the moment user’s computer is free of activity. This feature ensures that the user’s bandwidth remains free for current operations.
  • Automatic System State Backup
    IBackup Professional’s System State Backup creates a backup file for critical system related components. This backed up file can be used to recover the critical system components in the event of a crash.
  • Savings on Storage Space
    Calculates the total storage space only for the latest version of a file and not for the previous versions. Ex: If the user has backed up 30 versions of a file, then the storage space is calculated only for the 30th version of the file. It is not calculated for the previous 29 versions.
  • Automatic Shut Down
    Setting this option will automatically shut down the user’s computer after the successful completion of scheduled backup. This is a very useful feature if the user is not physically present at the computer.
  • Sync
    The Sync feature matches the contents of selected files/folders existing on the user’s IBackup Professional account to that of “My Computer”. This is a very useful option if the user has cleared up some data on his computer and wishes to do the same on IBackup Professional account so that they would be in sync.
  • Mapped Drive Support
    IBackup Professional allows users to perform backups of their mapped drives even when they have logged off their computers.
  • Proxy Friendliness
    IBackup Professional’s advanced setting support proxy connections and has the ability to work through most firewalls thereby enabling user’s to easily perform the backups of their files and folders