IBackup Professional
IBackup Professional is not just a backup and storage device. It's your complete Data Management Solution.

It is the ideal solution for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, information security at very low cost of ownership

  • Anywhere Anytime Access
    With just an Internet connection and a web browser, IBackup Professional Web Client gives access to your backed up files anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Unique File-Backup Set Versioning
    Each backup of changes done to a file creates a new backup set uniquely identified by the backup date and time. Users can view and restore up to 30 versions of a single file including the most recent version. This allows them to maintain historical versions of their files/backup sets.
  • Security
    Online backup requires adequate protection as files are transferred through the Internet. IBackup Professional encrypts files using 128-bit SSL encryption during transmission and 256-bit AES encryption during online backup and storage.
  • Enterprise Class Redundancy
    For fast recovery in case of primary device failure, user data is systematically backed up to local RAID devices. For additional redundancy, data is optionally periodically mirrored to geographically apart data centers. This provides for highest level of protection that even accounts for major disasters at the primary data center.
  • Online Database Backups.
    IBackup Professional backs up MS SQL Server database / MS Exchange Server database / performs MS Exchange Brick level backup without interrupting the services.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
    Create and manage multiple user accounts from a single administrative login and a central console.
  • Managed Backup Log Information provides web based backup status view in summary and detailed form.
  • IBackup Professional Web Client
    With this web client, users can view, search and restore data backed up to their account.
  • Web-based backupset/schedule management
    Users can manage their backupsets, schedule backups and view detailed logs from any web browser.
  • Open File Backup
    IBackup Professional does backup of open files like MS Outlook files (.pst files) among other database files. This feature is available for the Windows Vista, Windows XP and the Windows 2003 Server platforms. There is no need to install additional plugins in the user’s system.