Backup Solutions - Is Your Data Safe?
Could you afford to lose all of your data? How about some of your data? How about those baby pictures? Having a back up of your data is critical. Sooner or later at some point, you will have a hard drive crash. It is not a matter of if it is going to happen, it is a matter of when it is going to happen. It happens to all of us. Sometimes we can recover data from a crashed hard drive, but it can be costly. Sometimes very costly! Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Wouldn’t you rather pay us to protect your data rather than pay us to recover your data (if we can)? When a customer has a hard drive crash, they call us two or three times everyday to ask how the recovery is coming along. They are so desperate that they are ready to make a deal with the devil to get their data back. Customer’s that totally lose their data do tend to learn their lesson.

How much is your data worth?
If you can re-create the data, sometimes calculating the value of your data can be straightforward. One way to calculate the value of your data is to determine how much it would cost to reproduce. How many man hours would it take and multiply that by the employee's hourly rate. If you can't re-create the data, that should also give you an idea of the value of the data.

Are you prepared?
You have a couple of options. Choose a solution that fits your budget and meets your requirements. If you're not sure, we can help you with this process.

Off-Site Online Backup
Remote backup solutions have become popular, practical and fairly economical. Data is backed up every night. You don’t have to worry about taking tapes off-site, or losing tapes, or changing tapes in the drive every night. This solution does require a high speed Internet connection. What about security? We offer a solution that is HIPAA compliant, Sar Banes Oxley compliant, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and SEC / NASD compliant. Pricing for this service is based on how much data you are backing up.
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Tape Backup
A tape back up solution is a more traditional solution. This is the industry standard. Basically, you have a minimum of six tapes. Every day you change the tape. Typically, we configure the software to do an incremental back up Monday through Thursday and a full back up on Friday. On Monday you take home the back up tape from Friday and return last Fridays backup tape. This solution typically costs around $700 tape should be replaced about once a year.

USB Drive

We usually recommend home users use an external USB drive. We can configure this using software to do automatic backups if you leave your computer on. The biggest drawback is that this is ok if your hard drive crashes but it won’t really work if you have a disaster. Unless you are going to take home the external hard drive every night what do you do if the place burns down at night or a flood from a broken water pipe? Even if the computer gets hit by lightning through the cable modem you will most likely lose the external USB drive too. This solution typically costs $199 installed and configured.

We usually do not recommend this solution for businesses. Human nature is take home the external drive for a few weeks and then not do it anymore. What do you do if you are stopping some place after work and someone steals the hard drive from your car. What is your liability if you have your customer’s records became public information? What about your reputation? Remember, the tape back up fits in your pocket.

Oh yeah, by the way, a thumb drive is not a reliable back-up solution. 47% of all compromised confidential data is due to theft or lost thumb drives and laptops. In New York State you are required by law to notify customers whose personal information has been compromised.